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Zontayvia Solomon Jiles is a Georgia native born in Southwest Georgia. She graduated from the town-next-door high school in Moultrie, Georgia, in the same year she joined the United States Navy. She received her associate’s degree in Health Care Administration while enlisted in the United States Navy. Upon leaving the military she completed her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Business Management, emphasizing Healthcare Management.


Mrs. Solomon Jiles currently holds the position of a patient safety specialist at a local military treatment facility, a pharmacy technician at a local pharmacy, and the owner of Write Way, LLC, which has expanded beyond her beliefs. 


Mrs. Solomon Jiles’ ultimate goal is to become a director of medical administration at a hospital. The biggest achievement for her has been beating the odds and being the first in her family to obtain her master’s degree and open her own business. Zontayvia enjoys reading, writing, creating, and spending time with family.


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Instagram @writeway_llc

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