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Don't Count
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Contributing Author

Oh No, You're Not Doctor…
I Need My Foot!

Star M. Holmes-Word is an author, speaker, and coach. She has spent over ten years helping women find their most confident selves as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. Star was trained through the Coalition for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Star began her speaking career during her tenure at Waypoint Services as DV/SA and multicultural outreach advocate. She pivoted to coaching, speaking, and writing in 2017, at which point speaking opportunities for internet interviews, blog radio shows, women's conferences, and in-person education sessions increased.

Star compiled her first anthology in 2018, titled We Are Women of Substance Vol 1. She is currently organizing Vol 2 and Vol 3.

Star targeted her niche and selected key components of domestic violence training to create her signature coaching program for leaders to learn how to live their best, most confident lives.

Connect with Star

Facebook and Instagram @yorastartoo 

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