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Living by Grace

Ms. Rhonda Parker is certified as an EC-12 educator and rehabilitation counselor, currently a doctoral candidate (2023) in Organizational Leadership, and holds a master’s degree in Special Education and a BS in Rehabilitation Studies (emphasis on psychology and sociology). She received a Resolution from the State of Texas as an Outstanding Contributor to Education for the Dallas Independent School District. Rhonda completed a Fellowship with the Department of Education.

Subsequently, Ms. Parker took on the role of founder and executive director of Parker Autism Center (PAC), a 501 © 3 nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals and families impacted by autism and multiple disabilities. She has founded Baking To ImPACt and Parker Transition Academy. Rhonda serves and supports students by providing vocational training and community based programming for individuals aged 13 and beyond. She offers organizational training, professional development, and parental support to community members.

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