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Selected, Shuffled, Shifted, and Solidified

Natalie Purdie is a domestic violence advocate, expert, and speaker of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. Natalie’s story of how she survived intimate partner violence has touched the lives of millions around the world and possibly prevented other cases of domestic violence. She has spoken out vigilantly about her experience via numerous speaking engagements, training platforms, and media outlets including WATC TV 57, Investigation Discovery [ID] Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Dr. Oz. Natalie is a board member and volunteer with My Help My Hope Foundation, Inc.


Natalie is teaching a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program for middle and high school students. Natalie is also on the GA Human Trafficking Task Force with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Natalie helps victims become survivors and works with families who are seeking help for their loved ones.


Connect with Natalie 

Facebook @NataliePurdieSV 

Instagram @Survivors_voice

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