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What You Gon’ Do Baby? Pivots Will Lead to Purpose!

Jolanda “Jo” Logan – transformational speaker, business consultant, coach, minister, and strategist – is a reformed 60+ hour a week corporate exec. Her gift is "connecting good people, with good people!" She figures out how information and relationships can be maximized to be mutually beneficial. CEO of Jolanda Logan Consulting, Jolanda helps companies, faith-based organizations, and non-profits develop strategies and execute in the areas of communication, administration, operation, and leadership. 


Jolanda’s true jam and mission in life is helping others embrace, leverage, and celebrate pivots! She married her Brooklyn-born blind date Christopher and, while she has worked with the likes of R&B legend Patti LaBelle, pop superstar Paula Abdul, gospel great Micah Stampley, and the hip-hop GOAT LL Cool J, she counts their son Christopher Clarence as her biggest achievement and blessing. She’s also mom to CJ’s fur brother Biscuit, a Yorkie-Bichon Frisé mix who believes that he’s a real boy!


Connect with Jolanda 

Facebook @JolandaLoganConsulting

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