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Inspire other women with your story of how you were able to see beyond your struggles and push through. Be one of the 10 powerful women who will empower other women to not count themselves out!

Join us April 3, 2022 at 5pm EST to learn more

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Who Are We

Meet Your Visionary

Sabrina Thomas

Sabrina Thomas is an Author, Speaker, and passionate Autism & Special Education Advocate who empowers parents and caregivers to become their child’s best advocate.


Sabrina’s first role is a mother, she has two adult sons, one of whom has an intellectual disability, autism, and cerebral palsy.  She has a drive sparked and fueled by her experience as a mother of a son with different abilities. She works with the vision of educating, empowering, and supporting special needs families through her advocacy. 


With over 20 years of experience as an advocate she has become a strong voice in her field.  Sabrina’s mission is to serve as a voice for the specials needs community and ensure families never go at it alone and always feel supported. 


Hoping to broaden the scope of her work and in line with her vision--she has started an empowerment community called “Girl Don’t Count Yourself Out”.


This community aims to connect women from all facets of life to focus on self-care, confidence and building self-worth. With this movement, Sabrina continues to follow her passion for service by supporting women while they step into becoming the most empowered and uplifted version of themselves. 


Today, Sabrina holds certifications in Advocacy, IEP Master Coaching, Speaker Training, as well as a Life Coach certification. Being an established author, Sabrina has co-written 13 books and is an 11-time Amazon Best Seller. In October 2021, she created along with her son but for him a coloring book series entitled “Color with Omar”. These coloring books are a fun learning coloring experience where you get to learn about the creator (Omar) in each series.


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